The DEOS has been used to improve performance in organizations for many years.

DEOS Ltd. is a HR company specialized in human resources and business development strategies.

We are a network of graduate psychologists, experienced coaches and leading institutes for business diagnosis and education in Croatia, Germany and Austria.

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Some of our most recent clients say...

  • "Grafički Zavod Hrvatske (GZH) Ltd. collaborates with DEOS business consulting Ltd. for the last several years in the development of human resources. We worked on organizational climate and employee satisfaction, designing educational program for employees in collaboration with external partners and the assessment of our employees and their needs as well as selection of potential candidates in the recruitment procedures. We are very pleased with the expertise and advice provided in the strategic human resource management, especially with their individual approach, tailored to our needs. In cooperation with DEOS Ltd. we significantly improved the competence and motivation of our employees and the overall organizational climate and teamwork throughout the company."
    Gordan Miler, Executive Director
    Grafički Zavod Hrvatske (GZH) Ltd.
  • "The cooperation with the firm DEOS and mrs. Irena Jerković on the projects of analysis of the organizational climate and pre-selection of candidates for employment on specific positions in Wüstenrot životno osiguranje d.d., represents a very exciting experience for us that continuously produces results."
    Igor Đurić, CEO
    Wüstenrot životno osiguranje d.d.
  • "Evaluation of the organizational environment is of paramount importance in any company development. Up to a point in company growth all communication can be handled through a simple shout over the computer screen. Today, our team has 35 people, and the amount of expertise and hard work needed to handle it all efficiently is just astonishing. DEOS was a tremendous fit for our organization right away, simplifying things through on-site training and implementing INSIGHTS MDI® methodology to provide valuable insights about our communication styles and motivations."
    Vanja Bertalan, CEO
    WEB.BURZA Digital agency Ltd.