The INSIGHTS MDI® is globally recognized diagnostic tool used by more than 100,000 companies around the globe. It`s empower you to identify and make optimal use of your own strengths, potential of your employees and the needs of your customers. Two people can look at the same thing and yet both see something different. Your unique view is formed by your own individual perceptions and beliefs. If you can understand where these perceptions and beliefs come from, you can then begin to understand why other people see things differently.

INSIGHTS MDI® (MDI - Management Development Instruments) has for decades tried and successfully implemented tool which is based on scientific and practical knowledge.

The INSIGHTS MDI® covers behavioural typology, values and abilities. It determines strengths, weaknesses and development potential and presents them in a written and graphical report. It provides an extensive description of your behavioural basis (individual to each person) and your adapted behaviour (displayed in the workplace).

In addition, the Leadership Check describes the driving factors (your motives).

By understanding people, you can begin to appreciate who they are and improve your relationships with them.
INSIGHTS MDI® allows the organization finding and hiring those employees who, according to their talents and abilities, can contribute to a systematic and measurable result of the company and in a quality manner participate in improving team results at all hierarchical levels.

INSIGHTS MDI® enables you to communicate more effectively and therefore more successfully with employees, clients and service providers. Also provides reliable base (starting point) for decision making.

INSIGHTS MDI® comprehensively incorporate, analyse and explain human behaviour:

• Behavioural prototype
• Situational demands
• Competences
• Motives/values for taking action
Take advantage of INSIGHTS MDI®
Each employee has their full potential and preferences.

Have we used its main benefits or persistently train his low potential to develop? How to recognise and further develop your own potential?

"He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise."
- Laotse
• How to make an objective analysis of competence and communication style?
• How to define a profile of associates who we need for a position?
• How to optimise the management of relationships with employees, clients, partners and service providers?
• How to optimize sales results using the communication style of buyers and sellers?
• How to arrange an effective team and anticipate potential conflicts?
• How my managers lead a team and which problems arise in the interpersonal relationships in the team?
• How to use it as a basis for personnel selection?
• How to conduct employee and management training and one-on-one coaching ?
The answer to all these questions will offer one of the most effective diagnostic tools INSIGHTS MDI®, a system based on the theory of typology by C. G. Jung and applied at the most successful companies. The system analyzes potentials of individuals and teams, and it is based on theoretical knowledge of psychology types and on many years of practical experience in companies of various industries and sizes. Using Insights our experienced trainers will show your employees in a practical way where their strengths lie and where there could be traps.

Insights is an ideal tool for use in the sales process, organization and team building and to analyze possible conflicts in communication with other people.
Selecting the right staff and their development which meets the needs of organization and talents associates is one of the most important tasks of each HR managers.

In doing so, each manager will find themselves challenged because every man is special because of the motive which drives him, the way they behave, competencies owned or emotional and social intelligence which used to interact with others. Besides the minimum number of people is even aware of their own motives or behaviour. Therefore, the methods by which we were able to reach into the depths of the personality of each person and be able to make a description of the need for certain employees is extremely important, but also prone to error.

Less complication - more objectivity

In order to accomplish the main task of HR managers, we must therefore look for systems that human activity reduced to those components that are necessary to achieve long-term measurable results and chose those employees which will be the pillars of sustainable development.

These methods have to be as independently as possible from the subjective assessment of HR managers.

INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tools are used in more than 35 countries, translated into 16 languages, among others, and the Croatian, it is possible to use 20 different variants of the analysis of motives, behaviors and competencies. INSIGHTS MDI® is a system used by more than 100,000 companies around the globe.“

We are licensed trainers for INSIGHTS MDI®and partners of Institut für Managementberatung & Diagnostik - SCHEELEN®, a long-time coaches and pioneers of typological analysis in Croatian market.


Candidates have to fill out a specific questionnaire, which only takes approx. 20 minutes, depending on the method and can be completed at their own work desk or at home.

The result of the questionnaire is a detailed and clear report that includes approximately 35 pages divided into specific areas: behavior and value preferences kept in absolute confidence and at no point accessible for third parties.

Using Insights our experienced trainers will show your employees in a practical way where their strengths lie and where traps could be. Insights is an ideal tool for use in the sales process, organization and team building and to analyze possible conflicts in communication with other people.

With this report you will be able to:

  • Understand your own “natural” communication tendencies, how you communicate on a personal level and how your style comes across to other people.
  • Know the benefits of applying the DISC Behavioural Model to interpersonal interactions and overcome difficulties at work.
  • Recognise, understand and appreciate the “differences” in others.
  • Read the temperament communication style of other people in minutes and get on “common ground” with them much more quickly.
  • Learn to adapt and enhance your behavioural style for maximum personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational benefit.
  • Understand six key attitudes and the interactions of each.
  • Know which attitudes drive your life, action and decisions.
  • Understand others viewpoints and be able to interact convincingly by seeing the world through their eyes.
  • Have a more advanced understanding of attitudes and conflict resolution techniques.