What is D.E.O.S. model?
D.E.O.S. model consists of several psychological and business tools which can attain the state of motivation in the company, team or on a personal level.

D.E.O.S. model

D - Diagnosis
Long-term staff development is possible only after a thorough, professional and, in practice proven diagnosis of the company, organization or individual. D.E.O.S. model is represented thruogh a wide range of proven methods and tools that were developed to improve the way the training is delivered by identifying exactly what your managers need. Thus resulting in more engaged managers making a real difference to organizational performance.
E - Education
Education is the next step in our model, implemented as a result of the diagnosis. Cultivating the needs of the company by assessment of management. Our training is systematic, practical and conducted exclusively by coaches who are licensed and have years of experience in management and education.
O - Organization
Organization of the company and teams is a constant process of adjustment to the challenges of the market. Our tools and experience will ensure the optimization of business processes, HR departments.
S - System
System in which we operate is a broad network of competent partners, tested in practice, working with and for large and small companies in Croatia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Egypt and Slovenia. With your help, and together with our partners, we will shape the system development of the company that will meet your expectations and surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency.