Fix Your

Happy Dysfunctional


July 28, 2016
Over the past couple of years, attention has grown up around the importance of team. There is belief that working in teams makes us more creative and productive and that proper team can generate “magic”. Entrepreneur often assume that teams are the best way to get the job done but sometimes or more often we are witnessing that we cant rely on it. Teams either make or break your firm. Why some teams work while others don't? There are many reasons but if we exclude lack of leadership and wrong team methodology, we must go back to the beginning and see how the team has been formed.

Melody of the team

Forming a team it’s like starting a orchestra. You need a section of string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Sometimes piano and celesta may be grouped into a fifth section. Orchestras are usually led by a conductor (leader of the team in ou case) who directs the performance by way of visible gestures. Orchestras play a wide range of repertoire (projects), wich can not be performed by one person. It seems easy in an orchestra to find the right people for a different section, you just give a person an instrument and let him play for couple of minutes but what about a business project? In forming orchestra you can't replace the violin with piano secton or shut your ears when you play symphony but this happens in business projects. Team members often don’t even agree on what the team is supposed to be doing or his members.